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One deburring contact roller combined with two planetary abrasive brushes running in opposite directions, perform uniform edge rounding on the complete area of the part, even on small holes. Before and after DM660 ZPK: high performance on all edges and also on internal holes. Radius up to 2mm on all edges of steel parts. Stainless steel laser cut part with small wholes being edge rounded on PK planetary edge rounding station. DM660 ZPK can edge round parts with plastic foil, keeping the original finishing and assuring the work purely on the edges. Fitting special oxide removal brushes this machine cleans uniformly oxide layer from laser cut parts. Example of steel part before and after oxide removal. DM660 ZPK machines have a constant working height. The adjustment for different thicknesses is made by the movement of the abrasive stations, keeping the conveyor belt always at the same level. This helps the work of metal sheets without having to adjust roller tables.

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