VHB double-sided adhesive tapes – reliable alternative to screws and nails

What if we told you there’s only one product that can help simplify the process of bonding different materials? That this same product can be used indoors or outdoors and in various applications? Is it so durable and reliable that it will last for years without losing power or efficiency?
When it comes to production, every day is a search for even more efficient and cost-effective tools, materials, and solutions. Regardless of the industry in question, the challenges are similar—which materials can guarantee quality and durability in the final product?
3M VHB double-sided adhesive tapes are among the most reliable bonding tapes on the market. The complete VHB tape line offers excellent resistance to solvents and moisture with exceptional adhesion to most surfaces. It can be used indoors or outdoors, in different applications, and has an exceptionally long lifespan.
These adhesive tapes are one of the most popular and efficient ways of bonding and fixing different materials. They consist of high-quality double-sided adhesive material that allows for strong and long-lasting bonding without the need for additional drilling or sanding.
3M VHB tape is a reliable alternative to the use of screws, bolts, and welding. The costs of using these materials are lower than using mechanical fasteners, and the installation process is often faster. Screws and bolts require drilling the materials being joined, which can result in their damage. This is particularly risky when dealing with metal as it can cause discoloration and corrosion. Unlike mechanical methods, they can effectively bond different combinations of materials such as metal and plastic.
This tape will not damage your components and provide immediate strength during handling and excellent resistance to solvents and moisture. It can be used in many common applications such as mounting, fastening, and sealing and can be removed without damaging the surface of your product. It is water-resistant and weather and UV resistant, allowing for reliable mounting wherever you need it.
The VHB tape consists of adhesive designed for excellent bonding and joining of different surfaces, including plastic, metal, glass, composites, and most rubbers. It has been proven to last almost five times longer than standard tapes, saving time and money in the long run. Estimates are that this tape can be an effective replacement for 85 percent of mechanical fasteners in many applications.
VHB double-sided adhesive tapes in use

Why are VHB double-sided adhesive tapes the right choice for your production?

The advantages of using 3M VHB adhesive tapes are numerous:

  1. Easy to use – This type of adhesive tape is easy to apply and fix, making it ideal for quick and efficient installation
  2. High durability – 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tapes are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, allowing for long-lasting bonding without the need for frequent repairs or replacements
  3. Reduced vibrations – They are designed to reduce vibrations between joined materials, significantly reducing the risk of damage
  4. No residue – They do not leave residue after removal, making them ideal for use on sensitive surfaces or for work that requires a high degree of cleanliness
  5. Wide range of applications – They can be used in various industries and applications, including automotive, construction, white goods industry, and many others.


How are VHB tapes used?

When using 3M VHB adhesive tapes, it is important to follow the usage rules to achieve optimal performance and long-lasting bonding.

  1. Proper tape selection – It is necessary to select a tape that is designed for a specific application and that meets the requirements of the work. Our sales representatives will help you find the ideal VHB tape depending on your specific applications
  2. Proper surface cleaning – Before applying the tape, the surfaces should be clean and dry to achieve optimal bonding and distribution of adhesion
  3. Proper tape pressing – Adequate pressure must be exerted on the tape to achieve optimal bonding, which involves equal pressure and uniform distribution of adhesion
  4. Proper tape storage – To protect it from moisture and light, which can affect its adhesion and performance.
    Our sales representatives will not only help you find the ideal VHB tape for your production needs, but they will also test them on your specific processes. VHB double-sided adhesive tapes are made in the dimensions you need, this way saving the cost and time required to adjust the tape to your tool and production.

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