Scotch-Fix Transparent Mounting Strips 4910C-ST8-P

533.65 rsd/unit

Dimensions : 25mm x 76mm

Scotch-Fix Transparent Mounting Strips feature 3M Advanced Technology. Holding up to 4 kg, this invisible tape can be used indoors and is ideal on glass, tile, acrylic, and metal.
For items that need an invisible mounting solution, reach for the adhering power of Scotch-Fix Transparent Double-Sided Mounting Strips. Virtually clear, these double-sided permanent strips are perfect for mounting glass, tiles, and artwork.
It’s a superior strong bond, which holds up to 4kg thanks to 3M Advanced Technology. So whether you’re mounting acrylic cosmetic organizers or a translucent picture frame, fix it confidently with Scotch-Fix Transparent Double-Sided Mounting Strips.

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