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This machine was designed to finish conic tubes without any manual adjustment, making possible to polish, for example, a complete light pole with Ø165mm on one end and Ø75mm on the other.The feeding units feature a precise diameter compensation system which, combined with the solid structure, ensures a vibration-free and safe tube transport operation . Strong and solid feeding system design for straight tubes. Fast adjustment for different tube diameters. Safe and vibration-free transport of long tubes. The MLW200 TC offers a fast and reliable process up to 4 meters per minute. At the same time, it ensures a consistent finish even along the longest tubes. Having a water-cooling spray on the finishing area, the MLW200 TC can polish different types of metal and safely work with potentially explosive materials. An automatic filtration and pumping system is integrated into the machine frame and can be easily removed for cleaning. Mobile control unit where the main functions of the machine can be actuated. Featuring motorized feeding system adjustment and filtering system control.

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