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With the ML Planetary System the tube is not spinning. The abrasive belts rotate around the tube while it is safely transported by the feeding systems. The MLW100 was designed to finish either straight tubes (automatically) or bent tubes (manually). Makes it possible to reduce the temperature of the tubes during the finishing operation and to keep dust away from the grinding area, filtering it. The water-cooling system is in a closed circuit. After being sprayed onto the finishing area the water is filtered and pumped back into the machine. As an alternative to the standard manual system, the automatic option provides a continuous renovation and monitoring of the filter paper’s cleanness, avoiding the operator having to perform this task. With an isolated compartment for the motors behind the wet finishing area, the MLW100 is a solid and professional machine designed for wet tube finishing. Oval or elliptical tubes polishing or simply out-Oval or elliptical tube polishing or simply out-of-round tubes can be safely and consistently finished using the MLW100. Maximum adaptability of the abrasive belt to holes or graps in the material surface.

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