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DM1100 Z2C

Burr removal and smooth edges on both sides in one single pass of parts cut by punching, shearing, laser or plasma. Using an abrasive belt removes the heavier burrs from the upper side of the material before the edge rounding operation. Two groups of cross belts: the first works on the upper side of the metal sheet while the second operates from the bottom. Each group count with 2 v-belts with abrasive blocks running in opposite direction for perfect round edges in one single pass. This machine can process small parts, single side, with dimensions down to 50x50mm. The operation can deburr the same side of the part as well as edge rounding. Designed for small parts automatic return up to 150mm. Enables the part feeding, inspection and storage by one single operator. Increases productivity in double side edge rounding. Control panel combines a touchscreen with operation buttons to adjust the machine in a fast and intuitive operation. Designed so that it is easy to access the deburring units and main mechanical elements in case of machine cleaning and maintenance. All covers open completely.

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