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DM1100 DC – Deburring Machine

DM1100 DC combines a powerful contact drum for heavy burrs deburring (D station) with a set of 2 counter rotating edge rounding cross belts. Large diameter deburring drum with extra soft rubber 20 SH for big burrs and thick material. Ideal for thick and heavy steel parts. Concentrates the pressure on the edges where the burr is located, leaving the surface of the material lightly touched only. Vertical fluctuation to cope with different metal tolerances with adjustable pressure). Horizontal oscillation during operation to improve paper lifetime. Two cross belts mounted with abrasive blocks running in opposite directions, completing edge rounding on the complete area of the part. Includes a 600mm section with a magnetic conveyor to process small steel parts by guaranteeing that even with substantial deburring pressure the parts will not move. Checking the correct thickness on thick and heavy steel plates before deburring may not be an easy task due to burrs located on the edges. By sliding the laser beam through the conveyor, it is possible to select the correct spot to do the measurement. This information is automatically transferred to the PLC. Every time this station is switched on a programmed procedure of measuring the abrasive length is started. The measured wear is communicated to the PLC which compensates it to assure always the specified rounding pressure. New developed software by NS Máquinas with easy access to all functions of the machine. Here it can be regulated which stations will work and at what speed, working pressure both for the cross belts but also for the drum, floating drum on/off and drum oscillation. Failure messages are listed on this screen.

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