Axxair has been designing, manufacturing and distributing orbital tube processing machines since 1997.
The areas in which is specialized are related to preparation, cutting, beveling, squaring and orbital welding. Thanks to twenty years long experience in this field, the group has become an international reference.
Axxair is able to support its customers worldwide with innovative solutions for improving productivity and quality on pipes of various materials such as stainless steel, titanium, black steel, duplex and super duplex.
The group offers a standard range of products from its catalog. It also offers specific solutions from customer specifications for all its target markets: food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, nuclear industries, etc.


Prototypes, design, industrial engineering, production, special machines

Ever since the founding of the company, the design office has always been an essential component of the development department. As a patented manufacturer of orbital pipe processing machines, the group is constantly researching new concepts in the field of orbital cutting, beveling and welding.
Understanding customers and their requirements, anticipating and meeting their expectations – are the main goals of the company. Thanks to various services, the research and development department, as well as the engineering office, the company is able to adapt to the ever-changing pipe processing market. AXXAIR offers unique and original solutions for working with pipes.