3M has taken the abrasive technology to the next level, confirming why it is the number one in the abrasives market. With precisely shaped grains and adjustable non-woven lamellae, 3M delivers results that make a noticeable impact in both the work process and the final outcome on metals. The 3M Cubitron II fiber discs utilize precision-shaped grain technology, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks of varying intensity.


Cubitron II disk


The Cubitron II abrasive material boasts a higher cutting speed, cutting up to twice as fast as competitor abrasives, thereby enhancing productivity. Additionally, these materials have a longer lifespan, with discs, belts, and reels continuing to cut even after conventional abrasives have worn out. Over the long term, this results in cost savings in terms of both time and money.



The secret is in the precision of the triangular-shaped ceramic grains.



Conventional ceramic abrasive grains are irregularly shaped. Instead of a clean, mechanical finish, the grain pierces the metal, resulting in heat build-up, slower cutting and shorter service life. Competing products require up to three times more cutting pressure than Cubitron II abrasives.

3M’s precision-shaped grain on Cubitron II abrasives breaks down as they work, forming sharp edges that cut evenly across the surface and ensure a longer life for individual discs. During operation, a much smaller amount of heat is formed than with conventional abrasives, which enables cooler operation.

More precise cut and longer service life of the Cubitron II disc

This type of abrasive is ideal for processing edges, the final step before coating the surface or before matting. Every cut made with Cubitron II technology is more precise and consistent thanks to the specific shape of the grains and their breaking. Thanks to 3M Cubitron II abrasives, workers can process larger surfaces with fewer disc changes and less effort.