3M Xtract discs – 97% less dust in enviroment

The so-called “clean sanding” is the ideal solution for welding – with 97% less dust which makes the working environment safer and cleaner. 3M Xtract solutions feature special net discs that provide faster cutting speed and keep your environment cleaner, resulting in better performance and improved results.



These discs are suitable for sanding wood, metal and composites. The precisely shaped mineral grain mixed with aluminum oxide abrasive ensures faster processing and longer wheel life.



This line is designed with 3M precision grain technology, so it achieves a higher cutting speed with a longer abrasive life. Features holes for dust extraction and a hoop and loop backing for quick and easy replacement. This abrasive with a unique ergonomic design is ideal for a wide range of substrates and applications, material removal and fine finishing.


3M Xtract discs
3M Xtract discs


How 3M Xtract works

The net structure of the abrasive and the open weave ensure that the suction holes reach all dust grains. All the dust created by sanding easily passes through the net surface of the disc into the auxiliary surface, through the vacuum exhaust. The tool can be attached to a filter bag or a vacuum unit, where almost all the generated dust is collected, and you are left with clean surfaces without the need for cleaning after the job is done.



3M Xtract clean sanding solutions have a wide range of applications and can improve sanding processes in almost all industries. From metalworking, composite grinding, woodworking and so on, these solutions provide a faster machining process and extend the life of the disc.